We’re a Cartoon Animation Company Looking to Create Great Stories & Help Professional Artists All Over the World

Frame Freak Studio started to take shape when we won the Pixels Awards 2014 receiving a $30K prize to make Tempus Trip and have a chance to make the pilot and launch it at Kickstarter. We wanted to promote Tempus Trip as soon and hard as possible to have all the support possible when the time came to do a Kickstarter Campaign, so we started looking for people who have done the same since we didn’t had anybody to ask here. Thankfully Fred Seibert decided to give us a hand and that made the start of a show on interviewing amazing artists, and that was the beginning of Frame Freak Studio. Now we’re looking to work with commercial clients, create amazing cartoon animations and help other people who want to become better professionals in the animation industry in the process.

What We Do

Animated Cartoons
TV Commercials
Explainer Videos
Character Animation
Motion Graphics
Digital Characters
Visual Effects (VFX)
Animation Production

Meet The Team

“Mundo” Landaverde
Co-Founder, Director & Animator

Monica de Landaverde
Co-Founder, Rigging & Illustrations

Rodrigo Flamenco
Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Grace Duarte
Lead Graphic Designer

Stay in Touch With Us

About Frame Freak Studio


We are a small Cartoon Animation Studio in El Salvador. We love animated cartoons and learning from the best animators in the industry through interviews. We’re a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, graphic designers and animators who live in El Salvador, working towards becoming one of the first cartoon animation companies in Central America working for clients all over the world.


Since the moment we begin we started contacting the best in the industry worldwide to learn from them and allow others to learn from them as well and to use the technology we have today to connect with clients all over the world and work with the best prospects.


We have worked with over 100 clients so far, in more than 18 countries all over the world and we’re aiming to connect with even more people as we work. We don’t only want to become a commercial animation studio, we’re also working towards helping other creative professionals all over the world to learn the craft, to learn what it takes and to get them closer to their goals while we grow as a company.