Candyland was a peaceful world where everybody was pretty happy and people didn’t had much trouble, but that changed the day some monsters came to Candyland, these monsters called themselves Piñatas.

They enslaved the people of Candyland who didn’t had the skills to defend themselves but then there was this hero who appeared, he could defeat the Piñatas, they called him…. Piñata Slayer.

Winner of Pixel Pro 2015

Created by a talented team of local artist, with national and international awards. Piñata Slayer is aiming to be the first animated short movie and video game done through Crowdsourcing. The project won by reaching 16,000 people directly into the target market in less than 3 days where most of them reacted positively.

In 2015 Piñata Slayer won at Pixel Pro Awards, a contest of animation created and hosted by the Government of El Salvador to motivate local talent into competing in the global market.

The First Versions

Piñata Slayer is an old project of ours, which won some awards in the past and today we’re bringing it back to life to make it a 20 minute short movie and a video game through Crowdfounding.

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