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Not sure how much power you need? We offer four pricing tiers, so you can get the right video for your budget and business goals.




Basic 2D Simple Animation


For Small Businesses
  • Junior Team Made Animation
  • File Delivered in HD 1080p
  • 4 Week Delivery
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Premium The Best Animation


Unlimited creative options and advanced execution
  • Senior Team Made Animation
  • File Delivered in HD 1080p
  • 12 Week Delivery
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Platinum Videos

The best of the best, Disney quality, unlimited creative options and advanced execution. Specially for those who need something truly unique to stand out and have at least 3 months (preferably more) to work on this project. The budget to make something like this starts at $30K.


Smaller Budgets?

We’ve created an special offer for those small companies who are starting out and want to get one of our videos. After years of creating animations we’ve reached a point where we have enough visual materials that we can use to create your own video. We also have negotiated with scriptwriters, voice-over artists, and we’ve setup our junior team of animators to give you everything from concept to finished animation for a starting price of $397.

Have a Question?

How much does a video cost?

We make videos in a range of price tiers. The price is determined by the level of animation you’d like and the length of the animation, with simple 2D icons and stick figures at the bottom, and 3D, film-quality animation at the top. Once the price is set, there are no more hidden fees.

What if I am not satisfied?

You always get the chance to give two rounds of feedback every step of the process (script, voice, animation, etc.) which we’ll fix.

It happens that you are not completely satisfied after the first draft. If you are not satisfied after our second attempt, which is very unusual, you can ask for a third draft or take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee.

Do I get to choose my voiceover artist?

Yes, you will have the option of selecting between North American Male & Female, as well as UK or Australian. Other nationalities can be sourced on request.

How long does the whole process take?

A typical video takes 8 weeks to produce, from the discovery meeting to the final delivery. However, simpler productions can be completed in 4 weeks. Of course, timely feedback is a must for staying on – or even ahead of – schedule.

Ok, let’s do it! What’s the next step?

Just click one of the buttons above to add your order or contact us.

Then, you’ll answer a few questions in our brief and we’ll get back within 24 hours to set a start date and clear any doubt with you.

The project manager Enrique will help you through the entire production of the film. We will be communicating with you every step of the way through email so you will be able to give your feedback and approval at every step in the process (script, voice, animation, etc.). We can also use Skype or Facebook if you want.

We’ll be available to you all the time via phone, Skype or email.

NOTE: We do not begin your project until we talk to and you give us the green light. Payment is done via invoice when the project starts.

Can you get a film in a language other than English or Spanish?

Definitely! We can (virtually) fix a professional voice in any language you want. Just remember to mention it when you make the order.

If you want your video made in more than one language then it costs $500 more per language for every 30 seconds.

How long should my film be?

It depends on how you intend to use it. But nowadays, people have short attention spans. Therefore, it is important to keep the video short and to the point while still obtaining all the necessary information. Usually, we can’t take everything you ask for but It’s OK. The video only needs to provide enough information to get viewers interested in taking the next step (buy, give you their contact info, try for free, and so forth).

We recommend:
30s – Explain briefly a relatively simple idea.
60s – Explain calmly and make arguments for purchase.
90s – For those who require longer explanations. More time on the sales pitch, etc.
120s – For far more advanced products and services.

How much content will fit in a movie?
We usually write your script in the next format:
1) identify the problem
2) show product / service solution
3) Call to Action

Watch the videos above to see approximately how much info we can get in a movie depending on the time.

Do you offer other animation styles?

Yes, if you are interested in other animation styles, email our team directly at

I Want To Talk To Someone First…

No worries! Send an email to and we will answer any questions you may have.