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Chuck & Curly find an old mysterious puzzle that resembled like a rubix cube with a face, and they tried to solve it but it was as frustrating as the rubix cube, so they decide that they’re going to cheat to solve it and they tear it apart.

The puzzle was an old prison made by Chronos and by breaking it they let out the god of Chaos, now he’s out bringing chaos to the universe, mixing time and space, and now Chuck & Curly must go through different mixed eras to find every piece of the puzzle and fix the universe.

Winner of Pixel Pro 2014

Created by a talented team of local artist, with national and international awards. Tempus Trip is aiming to be the first successful Kickstarter campaign created in El Salvador.

In 2014 Tempus Trip won at Pixel Pro Awards, a contest of animation created and hosted by the Government of El Salvador to motivate local talent into competing in the global market and since then the project has been making waves and reaching the best in the animation industry world wide.

The Making

Tempus Trip – The Pilot

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