The Creative Hustlers Show

The Podcast for Creative Professionals

Learning From the Best Creative Professionals from All Around The World

The Creative Hustlers Show is a series of interviews featuring successful artists and creative professionals from all over the world who are successful in their careers or projects and finding out how they did it so you can learn from the very best. The people interviewed here have founded their own studios, projects, won Academy Awards or worked at the best animation companies in the world such as Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Saloon, Dream Works, Frederator, and Many More.

You can listen to our show on these platforms:

Here Are Some of the Guests:

Fred Seibert Founder of Frederator Studios, Producer of Adventure Time Watch the Interview

Brenda Chapman Academy Award Winner, Creator of the Movie Brave Watch the Interview

Tomm Moore Academy Award Winner, Founder of Cartoon Saloon Watch the Interview

Robert Kondo Academy Award Winner, Founder of Tonko House Watch the Interview

Mark Osborne César Award for Best Animated Film, Director of The Little Prince Watch the Interview

Christophe Vacher Two-Time Emmy Award Winner, Art Director, Concept Artist & Painter Watch the Interview

Nathan Fowkes Book Author, Teacher & Concept Artist for Animated Films Watch the Interview

Stephen Silver Lead Character Designer at Disney, Teacher and Book Author Watch the Interview

Bobby Chiu Founder of Schoolism & Character Developer in MIB3 & Alice in Wonderland Watch the Interview

Armand Baltazar Master Artist & Storyteller in DreamWorks, Disney & Pixar Watch the Interview

Bobby Pontillas Art Director, Co-Founder of Taiko Studios & Animator Watch the Interview

Sam Deats Creative Director at Powerhouse Animation & Netflix’s Castlevania Watch the Interview

Latest Episodes:

Interview with Nikkolas Smith: Theme Park Designer & Concept Artist

Nikkolas Smith is a Theme Park Designer & Concept artist at Walt Disney Imagineering, and Children's Books Author/Illustrator. He is the author/illustrator the picture books "The Golden Girls of Rio" (nominated for an NAACP Image Award) and My Hair Is Poofy and That's...

Interview with Scott Wiser: Creating & Animating Layers

Scott Wiser is a character animator for Film, Games, TV and commercials. He has worked on projects such as Alvin & The Chipmunks 3, Chipwrecked, henchmen, Barbie Spy Squad, All Hail King Julien, Dreamwork’s Dragon’s Adventure (Video game) and more. [smart_track_player...

Interview with Tiffanie Mang: Loving Vincent Painter Animator

Tiffanie Mang is an illustrator and plein air artist from San Diego. She has worked at the feature film "Loving Vincent" as a painter animator which was a 2018 Oscar Nominated Film for Best Animated Feature. She is now pursuing her passion for fine art in the US and...

About The Host

Rodrigo Flamenco is an entrepreneur from El Salvador, Co-Founder of Frame Freak Studio and host of the Creative Hustlers Show. The show was born from the need to learn more about the details of the creative industry, as El Salvador is a third world country located in Central America, where there’s no industry nor schools to teach these topics, this show helped the team of Frame Freak Studio to learn more about the creative industry world wide and also as a portal for those who want to learn but are living in situations or places where that’s not possible.

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