Nick Scarpino is a broadcast and online media host, writer, and director. His work includes national television commercials, web series, live streaming broadcasts, online ad spots, digital short films, and semi-clever tweets. He is also a stand-up comedian, professional podcaster, and avid dog lover. He’s the producer of Kinda Funny and was the script writer for the Kinda Funny Animated Series.

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Today Nick Scarpino gives us a bit of his time to talk about his experience, his challenges, his best advice for creative people who want to build a career as a creative professional and how to deal with struggles, moments of doubts and his process for creating the best environment to create amazing shows every day.

You can check his website and all his work here:
Kinda Funny YouTube Channel
Kinda Funny Twitch Channel
Kinda Funny Facebook
Kinda Funny Instagram

Kinda Funny: The Animated Series


Interview with Nick Scarpino:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Nick Scarpino’s Story
  • How to push through hard moments in life
  • Tips on how to get great opportunities
  • How to set a good base for a good creative career and life
  • How to overcome doubt and act in the face of it

Actionable Steps

  • If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong
  • Be careful with exciting goals, instead choose one that is worth it even in the hard times
  • There’s really no limitations to do what you want, but you gotta learn to do it right
  • There’s always going to be complications, the path is about solving the problems
  • Seriously, NOBODY gives a fuck about what you do, so go ahead and do it
  • This is not a “long path”, this is a never ending path, there’s always more ahead


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Thanks so much for watching the interview with Nick Scarpino, I truly appreciate YOU!

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