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Interview with Adam Blaine Dix: How to Prosper as a Cartoonist

Adam Blaine Dix is a professional cartoonist who has worked for Disney Studios and Disney Animation TV, he’s working on an animated series called Sofia the First oriented for children, however he’s been in a position where he has been able to learn a lot from the very best in the animation industry and get some premium knowledge from inside the industry.

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Today Adam Blaine Dix sits with us talking about his experience inside the animation industry and as an artist in general. He talks about the right attitude to have, a lot of resources to learn from, challenges that we can do every day do improve as an artist and how to learn at a faster pace.

Interview with Adam Blaine Dix:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Adam Blaine Dix’s Story
  • How to have the right attitude
  • How to Bring the Best in You
  • Resources to Learn Animation
  • Tips for starting your professional path
  • How to turn Hardships into art

Actionable Steps

  • Learn how to learn first
  • If you’re not drawing you’ll never be in control of your muscles
  • Post in social media things that truly interest you
  • Become socially integrated with your team
  • There’s no place of ego in animation
  • Find 5 people who you can be brutally honest with


Resources Mentioned in this Interview

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