Tomm Moore is an Irish illustrator, comics artist and filmmaker. He is co-founder of Cartoon Saloon, an animation studio and production company, based in Kilkenny, Ireland. He’s the Director, Producer and Writer of The Secret of Kells which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and Song of the Sea which was also nominated for best Animated Feature and won the European Animated Feature Film.

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He Co-Founded Cartoon Saloon with Paul Young and Nora Twomey. Initially they set up studio alongside Moore’s alma mater Young Irish Film Makers, but the studio soon outgrew the premises. They have been producing a lot of animated cartoons since then, one of their new projects is Eddie of The Realms Eternal and they’re already creating the newest film called Wolfwalkers.

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Now he’s here to talk to us about his experience on creating Cartoon Saloon, amazing animated films based on Irish Folklore and his advice for people who are looking to get into the animation industry. If you haven’t seen their movies, I’ll leave you below the trailers and I truly recommend you watch them.

The Secret of Kells


Song of the Sea




The Breadwinner

So let’s not wait any more and get to the interview:

Interview with Tomm Moore:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Cartoon Saloon’s Story
  • How to create animations with little resources
  • How to get known by studios
  • Tips for promoting your art
  • How to use Amazon & Netflix to your advantage
  • How to use the internet to connect with everyone

Actionable Steps

  • Don’t try to copy what’s successful already, it will never work.
  • Nobody will find you in your room, you gotta make yourself known
  • Keep true to your own creative ideas (easier said than done)
  • Use the internet in your favor
  • Go to events and make partnerships with other studios (small & big)
  • Find what you need to focus on and do it


Resources Mentioned in this Interview

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