Paul O Muiris is a freelance Writer, Animator, Compositor and Director, he worked in Cartoon Saloon in Ireland, he was in projects such as The Prophet, Eddie of the Realms Eternal with Amazon and the new film of Cartoon Saloon “Wolfwalkers” and lately was working with Sun Creature Studio in Denmark.

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Paul has many years of experience and studied under the university funded by Don Bluth, learning the art of 2D hand drawn animation when Disney decided to kill 2D animation and focus on 3D. However thanks to the internet era and Cartoon Saloon films, he’s been able to find a lot of opportunities working with many new projects, right now he’s working to pitch his own original series, developing a future project and focusing on his freelancing career.

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Interview with Paul O Muiris:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Paul O Muiris’s Story
  • Pros and Cons of being a Freelancer
  • Pros and Cons of being in a Studio
  • How to find opportunities in the animation industry
  • Differences in the traditional industry and the internet streaming industry

Actionable Steps

  • Don’t put the people you admire in a pedestal,
    meet them and realize they’re just normal people.
  • If you really don’t like the business side, then join with someone who does or have someone who is good in that to ask when you have doubts
  • If you don’t like the business side don’t become a freelancer, work in a studio
  • Focus on creating the best stories, not in the art.
  • You can achieve a lot if people like working with you.
  • People want you to win, people want to hire you, just do your best to give them a reason to trust you.


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