Nicola Hwang is an illustrator, animator and zoologist who has experience in creating art for publishing and animation and also taking good care of animals. She had her first hit at Wondercon 2011 where she got elected to illustrate Aspen’s Comic Books and since then has been working for the US in Games as a character / prop / merchandise designer and took part of CTN where she worked in projects with Casey Robin & Alishea Gibson.

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Nicola has started working with Puppets, creating her first one called Bryn the feathered serpent and she’s currently working in projects involving the Chinese Zodiac and the Nictionary with Nic Gregory. She has worked with companies such as Wacom, Disney Channel, THX Ltd, Space Bass Films, Kato Tech and more.

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You can check her website and all her work here:
Her Deviant Art
Her Twitter
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Her Linked In

Interview with Nicola Hwang:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Nicola Hwang’s Story
  • How to recover from great blows in life
  • How to use events to your favor
  • How to create great portfolios
  • Tips for introverted people

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