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Below you’ll find various assets for Frame Freak Studio and their projects. To schedule an interview with Frame Freak Studio or one of it’s members or If you need something that is not listed below, please contact:, call +1 302.250.4441, or use our booking page to schedule a call with us.

Full Bio

Frame Freak Studio started in El Salvador in Central America, a third world country where living as an artist is just a crazy idea for many, they started as a freelancers collective when Edmundo Landaverde won a $30,000 prize to create the pilot for his project Fefnir back in 2013. At that time they had no idea that it would end up as a business, they were just pursuing the dream of making the first Salvadoran animated series, however the lack of experience had it’s toll.

One year later they won another $30,000 to produce another project called Tempus Trip, with this it was clear that they needed a method to avoid making mistakes, so they decided to reach people who had worked on similar projects to learn from them, making the first Online Interview with Fred Seibert, CEO of Frederator, and that first interview was the base to create the Creative Hustlers Show, where they interview huge people in the industry of animation to learn from them.

And after one more year, in november 2015, they won a $55,000 prize, to produce their project Piñata Slayer, and many more opportunities started to come up, but they realized they couldn’t stay as a collective anymore, they needed to play serious, so they registered Frame Freak Studio. At this point everything was working out through free resources on the internet, like Gmail and Google Hangouts, but now for the first time they had a name and a website.

Fast forward 3 years later and they have become a C type Corporation registered in Delaware, The Creative Hustlers Show has created more than 80 interviews with the best creative professionals in the animation and illustration industry and the show is even available in all the smart speakers platforms. They worked with over 100+ clients in 25 countries around the world and they been able to create an offer to startup companies, medium businesses and even very high end clients. Now that they have created a very solid foundation they are trying to reach for so much more.



  • Made $115,000 over 3 years from El Salvador, a third world country without an office, website or even a name.
  • Worked with 100+ clients in over 25 countries around the world.
  • Worked for many big international brands such as Coca Cola, Burger King, P&G, Unilever, Walmart, Citi Bank, and much more. (Doing TV commercials)
  • Interviewed many of the best in the animation industry using only email and Hangouts, and went even further interviewing Oscar winners after we had a proper website. Some of the interviews include:
    • Fred Seibert – CEO of Frederator and producer of cartoons such as Adventure Time, The Fairly Oddparents, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab and more.
    • Stephen Silver – Director of Character Development at Disney, worked on Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, The Fairly Oddparents, Histeria and more.
    • Bobby Chiu – Founder of Schoolism and Imaginism Studio and Character Creator of Men in Black 3, Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass.
    • Robert Kondo – Co-Founder of Tonko House, Oscar nominated for The Dam Keeper and Art Director in Toy Story 3, Ratattouile and more.
    • Tomm Moore – Co-Founder of Cartoon Saloon, 16 times Oscar nominated and Oscar Winner, creator of The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.
    • Brenda Chapman – Creator and Director of Brave, and worked in The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, the Prince of Egypt and more.
    • Mark Osborne – Director of The Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda and More.
    • Click Here to watch the podcast!
  • Smith Micro Supported us with 5 licenses of their animation software Moho 12.

Sample Interview Questions

  1. How did Frame Freak Studio started?
  2. Why do you want to do animated series?
  3. Why do you want to do Tempus Trip?
  4. How are things in El Salvador for artists?
  5. Why are you aiming internationally?
  6. What are you aiming do do with these projects?
  7. What inspired you to take this path?
  8. How did you contacted the best in the industry?
  9. How do you use the internet in your favor?
  10. What’s next?






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Long Form – 

Tuesday afternoon, May 19th, 2016. The time space-continuum is sent into disarray when Chuck and Curly –two likeable but disoriented teens- accidentally destroy the Tempus Sanctum Oraculus, the mythical time keeping piece of the Ancients which served as a prison to keep the god of Chaos locked from bringing total mayhem to the universe.

In their quest to restore the missing pieces of Tempus Oraculus, Chuck and Curly are sent into an alternate universes by Chronos the god of time,  where history is seriously out whack… With the help of Nina -their scatterbrained guide of the unknown- their mission is to restore order in the Universe before it’s too late.

Short Form –

Tempus Trip – is a chaotic story about traveling through time and mixed eras to restore the order of the universe (after they broke it accidentally).

Product Info

TITLE: Tempus Trip

AUTHORS: Monica Perez & Edmundo Landaverde

PUBLISHER: Frame Freak Studio, Inc

DATE OF PUBLICATION: September 20, 2016

REGISTERED IN: America’s Writers Guild & Canada Writers Guild

EPISODES: 10 mini episodes

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