Hedvig H-S or also known as VixieArts is a Concept Artist, Freelance Illustrator and Comic Book Artist who has created art for books, animation, magazines and even worked in video games. And now she’s the author of her own graphic novel called Aurora the Unicorn. She also has created a following of 183K+ fans on instagram where she posts her illustrations and mostly a lot of animal drawings.

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Hedvig H-S is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, where she studied comic art and have been working since. First as a Comic Book Artist from 2004 to 2009, then in the video game industry from 2009 to 2014 and now as a Layout Artist and Art Director at Slugger Film AB. Her idea of “Aurora the Unicorn” came to her in one afternoon, which she wrote down and had an email from an editor asking for a new script for a book, she gave her that idea and two years later she had a graphic novel done out in the market.

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You can check her website and all her work here:
Her FanPage
Her Instagram
Her Twitter
Her DeviantArt

Interview with Hedvig H-S (VixieArts):

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Hedvig H-S’s Story
  • Hidden opportunities in Europe
  • How to work for great companies online
  • How to overcome shyness & insecurities
  • How to challenge yourself
  • Tips to practice hard tasks

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