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Interview with Daria Cohen: The Night & The Land of the Dead

Daria Cohen is an animator and illustrator from Israel. She’s the creator of the animation “The Night” which became viral and reached over 2.4 million views. After that she created the sequel to the first story called “The Land of the Dead” and currently is working on the third part to the story. She made those animations completely on her own and keeps doing so from a country which still doesn’t support animation as a career, but with the power of the internet she’s been able to find her own audience.

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Daria Cohen is currently working as a commercial animator, but her goals are to be able to create stories & projects of her own and being able to work in more creative projects in the future. While she is very young, she started at a very early age, and as an introvert she dedicated completely to her art making comics, and by having a brother who worked in animation she was able to have a mentor from very start and all those years of practice have paid off.

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The Night:


The Land of the Dead:

Note: There were some tech limitations for this interview so this time there’s only audio, still the lessons here are great.

Interview with Daria Cohen:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Daria Cohen’s Story
  • How to create compelling stories
  • How to use internet to your advantage
  • How to do art when your country doesn’t support art
  • Tips to create simple but captivating animations

Actionable Steps

  • Don’t try to keep your drawings pretty, animation is a messy process, and trying to keep your drawings pretty will make your animation stiff.
  • Keep searching, keep looking for new things, you’ll get new ideas, keep learning and never stop.
  • Keep practicing a lot, this is a hard profession and you’ll have to dedicate a lot to it.
  • While I work I keep getting inspired by the music and get new ideas, thus creating more work, find what inspires you to get more ideas.
  • I did this because I enjoy doing it, even without the fame, money or anythings, I’ll still be doing the work every day.


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