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Interview with Christophe Vacher: Art Director, Concept Artist & Painter

Christophe Vacher is a two-time Emmy Award winner, an Art Director, Concept Artist & Painter, he has worked with companies such as Disney, DreamWorks, Universal Studios and the film industry since 1989. He worked on projects such as Treasure Planet, Fantasia 2000, Hercules, Tarzan and the animated segment on the Disney live movie Enchanted and on the CG feature film “9” produced by Tim Burton and was nominated for an Annie Award (the equivalent of the Academy Award in animation) and also worked in the visual development of Despicable Me and is currently working for Hasbro studios on the CG animated Transformers TV series.

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Christophe Vacher also works on paintings for art galleries and collectors from all over the world. He’s originally from France where he started his career in animation and eventually moved to Los Angeles to work and learn more about art and animation. He taught himself most of his skills and on the side he also travels the world and has studied many martial arts like Judo, Viernamese and Chinese Kung Fu, Karate, Savate-French Boxing, Yoseikan Budo, Taekwondo, English boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, and many more. He also practices Swing dancing, Salsa, horseback riding and cooking. So Christophe has learned a lot of tricks on how to manage time and learning many skills.

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Interview with Christophe Vacher:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Christophe Vacher’s Story
  • How to work in a team
  • How to become a great artist without spending much
  • The right attitude as a creative professional
  • Online resources to use

Actionable Steps

  • If you have to explain what your art is about then you still don’t have enough skill, your art should tell the story, people should understand by seeing it.
  • Beware of art schools that will rip your money and time and won’t leave you with any real skill to become an artist, you don’t need a degree to live from this.
  • When working on a team you need to learn to manage your ego, in a team, the work is not about the art, is about the project and inspiring your team members to create that works in harmony, be a nice person, be a nice player.
  • When you create your portfolios, keep them simple, 15 to 20 works at most. And it has to be your best work, from the best to the lest greatest.
  • You can use the internet to your favor, you can learn from the best of the world for free or by paying little, you don’t need to go into $50K in debt to become a great artist.


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