Channing Winget has a BFA in Illustration from Brigham Young University in Idaho, she’s been doing art since she was little, however in her path she joined a Pokemon Community in which they were making plushies about Pokemons, and she started doing that as well and started to make commissions and sell them and then it evolved naturally to making her own designs and selling them online and having her own small business about that.

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In this interview Channing Winget talks about the challenges that she faced when trying to create products to satisfy a bigger demand without losing quality, how she solved those challenges and how illustrators can create an income by creating a secondary product from their own creations.

You can check her work here:
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Interview with Channing Winget:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Channing Winget’s Story
  • How to bootstrap your project
  • Challenges of creating crafts on a consistent basis
  • Why your network of people is important
  • Tips on connecting with great people

Actionable Steps

  • People need to get over of this “sellout” thing, people need to make a living, and if they do from their art is not being a sellout, is making a living.
  • Beware of burning out when working too heavily on one project, be sure to have other projects or things to help you distract yourself and not be too involved in one.
  • People limit themselves too much, either with the medium they use, the subject of their art, the audience they look for, people don’t experience and branch out enough, test things, learn more, explore more.
  • Post your stuff online, start to make a following, be honest about the people who you want buying your stuff and who you’re making art for and post a lot, post often.


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