Bruna Mebs is a Brazilian artist and entrepreneur located in Pennsylvania. She has spent the past few years working with creative people from all over the US and became best known for her ink drawings. Bruna has recently illustrated and published her first coloring book The Olympic Games Coloring Book.

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Bruna has illustrated for a variety of clients including FabFitFun, Farmhouse Inns, Jord, Leota and Meredith Banzhoff. Her artwork has also been featured on many blogs including The Skinny Confidential, KERF and Friend For The Ride. What makes Bruna unique is all that of her design pieces originate from hand-drawn art pieces that were created using traditional techniques to withstand the test of time.

You can check her website and all her work here:
Her Instagram
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Her YouTube Channel

Interview with Bruna Mebs:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Bruna Mebs’s Story
  • Learning about business
  • How to improve social media
  • The importance of other languages
  • How to become more efficient at work

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