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Interview with Andrew Hickinbottom: 3D Modelling & Character Design

Andrew Hickinbottom is a 3D artist focused on modelling, character design & illustration. He’s based in London and has over 20 years of experience in the industry of animation & advertising. He started 3D as a hobby when videogames started to use 3D graphics and Toy Story came up (around 1995). He did a career in Graphic Design for 3 years and realized that it wasn’t his best choice, however thanks to that he was able to get into a job in a company that made a video for Iron Maiden where he learned more about 3D.

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We found Andrew Hickinbottom art through CTNX last year, he has been going for the last 4 years since he felt the events in London were somehow limited to fan arts and comics and he found in CTNX more freedom for original creativity. By being a pioneer in 3D he was in a luxury position where he could get jobs easily for his art.

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Interview with Andrew Hickinbottom:

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:The Creative Hustlers Show - Frame Freak Studio

  • Andrew Hickinbottom’s Story
  • How to learn faster using the internet
  • How the 3D industry has changed
  • How to choose and rock your events
  • How to stand out by doing what you love

Actionable Steps

  • Just use the tools that you know to get the job done.
  • Comic Cons are great if you do a lot of fan art, but if you want to show your original art, go to industry events.
  • You gotta be original in whatever you do, and of course you gotta do your job very well.
  • You can learn really fast these days, use the tools internet gives you and put your effort and you’ll do it.
  • In these days, where competition is high, your work has to be really good.


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