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Coca Cola - Cartoon Animation Studio
Burger King - Cartoon Animation Studio
Unilever - Cartoon Animation Studio
Fanta - Cartoon Animation Studio
Citi - Cartoon Animation Studio
Pizza Hut - Cartoon Animation Studio

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About Us

Frame Freak Studio is a 2D Animation Studio specializing in the creation of 2D Cartoon Animation and Motion Graphic Videos for TV Commercials and Animated Series. Our Animations are 100% custom made for people who want viewers to feel “Wow, what a great product/service!“ and having the following primary objectives in mind.

Look Amazing

Generating Sales

Catch Attention


“Frame Freak Studio made my day when they sent me my gorgeous new sales video! If you’re looking for some quick help getting your wesbite or online business set up, I highly recommend you talk to my man Rodrigo at I’ve worked closely with him, so I know he is one of the most ambitious, hard working, dedicated guys out there, he delivers excellent quality, fast turnaround, very tentative and good prices Rodrigo you ROCK my man! Truly EPIC!”

Cody McKibben
Digital Nomad Academy

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We have worked with some of the world’s top companies

Coca Cola - Cartoon Animation Studio
Burger King - Cartoon Animation Studio
Unilever - Cartoon Animation Studio
Fanta - Cartoon Animation Studio
Citi - Cartoon Animation Studio
Pizza Hut - Cartoon Animation Studio

Are We a Good Fit? 

We specialize in a few select services which we do incredible well and we have a unique approach to how we create our videos. Which means we’re not right for everyone but we’re great for some. Below you’ll find if Frame Freak Studio is the right option for you.

100% Custom Made Amazing Animation
You need an animation specially made for you or your business, that means no use of templates or any type of graphic that can be found on the internet. Maybe you’re looking to make a cartoon series, or use your video for a TV commercial or use it for commercial purposes. If this is correct, we’re the right fit for you.

You Have Enough Time for Production
Custom made animation is not easy nor fast. There is a whole process that needs to be followed to make sure that the final product is exactly what you need. For that we need time to create the script, storyboard, animatic, graphic elements, backgrounds, music, voice over, animation, edition, and more. Depending on how complex your idea is, it can take from 1 month to 1 year to produce.

You Have Enough Budget
Again, making a 100% custom made animation is not easy, depending from your needs a 30 second commercial can cost at least $4000 or more. So this is not for the business that’s just starting out, unfunded startups or the solo creative who wants to start their career in animation, but for those who are already well established and want to get better results.

Do You Want to Increase Engagement?
It is well proven that a great video can improve engagement and increase the time a visitor in your website or app. If you’re a Funded App Startup, SaaS or if you’re selling products or services in your website then a great explainer video can help you increase sales, leads, registered users and downloads.

Looking for Something Unique Made with Love?
We LOVE doing animations, we love our work and we want to make every animation something that we can be proud of. If you’re looking for something great, high quality, with a soul, that connects with your users and make you look more professional then we will definitely love working with you.

What We Do

Animated Cartoons
TV Commercials
Explainer Videos
Character Animation
Motion Graphics
Digital Characters
Visual Effects (VFX)
Animation Production

The Creative Hustlers Show

The Creative Hustlers Show is a series of interviews featuring successful artists from all over the world who are successful in their careers or projects and finding out how they did it so you can learn from the very best. The people interviewed here have founded their own studios, projects or worked at the best animation companies in the world such as Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Saloon, Frederator, and Many More.

“I was struggling with some online business issues I couldn’t resolve on my own for my personal start up. I’m not a programmer or as tech savvy as I needed to be and had hit a block in my process. I got in touch with a friend and he recommended Frame Freak Studio and I got in touch with them. They helped me out with some tips on SEO, Marketing Strategies and also did my online video. It was really a very professional job done. Very affordable and delivered by the time they said they would. I now consider myself a fan, and will likely work with them again.”

Christian Lemus

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